Whole Body Vibration (WBV)


“Been doing this for like a year and a half or so… Totally made my legs defined, and improved my sense of balance.” – Brian Goughnour

Whole body Vibration (WBV) is the new millennium of exercise. Providing the opportunity, regardless of age or gender to have a full body workout in 20 minutes or less a day. Exercising daily in your home or with a membership at TriOasis.  

Without Additional strain on sensitive joints, ligaments or knee replacements!


WBV is a trick the brain modality. Vibrations from the platform trick the brain into thinking you are falling down. All the white knights and horses are rushed throughout you Muscular Structure to keep you standing.  Depending on the vibration speed, your muscles will contract up to 60 times per second. For beyond any activity in a gym setting.


  • NO additional strain on sensitive joints
  • NO additional strain on sensitive ligaments


Oscillation – The pivotal movement mimics walking. When using oscillating whole body vibration, the engaged muscles contract alternately, as in normal walking motion, so the same muscle groups on both sides of the body are not contracted at the same time.

This type of movement is generally supported by the medical community as a healthier vibration, as it has less vertical impact on the body, creates less stress on the organs, and maintains flexibility in the spine.

Linear – The vertical movement primarily duplicates the jump reflex. This type of exercise may be unsuitable for users with joint or spinal problems. The muscles on both sides of the body contract simultaneously, resulting in very high impact. Linear WBV exercisers are effective for improving jump height, which is why they are popular with football and basketball players.Whole Body Vibration WBV Wave Motion Platform

WBV Therapy Has Been Shown To:


  • Flexibility
  • Agility


  • Bone Density
  • Muscle Tone
  • Lean Muscle
  • Metabolism
  • Free Time


  • The Effects of Stress
  • Cellulite


  • Lymph Gland Activity
  • The Burning of Calories
  • The Flushing of Toxins


During the 1960’s, both Germany and Russia were researching the effects of vibration on athletes. The Russians realized that the benefits of vibration stimulation were not only enhancing athletic performance, but were beneficial to the Cosmonauts in combating the severe loss of bone density and muscle mass that occurred during prolonged periods of exposure to a zero gravity environment.

Before long, NASA and the European Space Agency were also investigating the effects of vibration within the space exploration programs. The eventual result was the development of vibration platforms.

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“Pro Vitae has saved me a lot of pain. As a hairstylist, a mother nursing and also carrying around a 30 pound toddler, I had constant pain in my mid back, shoulders and crooked hips from always putting the kids on one side. Nothing helped until I tried this and after just a couple sessions, pain was gone and my hips have evened out.  Everyone who works here takes time to listen to your needs and helped me figure out some great exercises to do on the machine to work my core and help repair my split abdominal muscles after 3 kids. It is also the best massage my spine has ever felt. Like most people, I was skeptical, but can now testify to how truly amazing it is!!!!” – Katy Harris

“I have a very stressful job.  It is a great release to be able to go to her shop and release all my tensions in my work out on my lunch break. The best thing about her is she takes no credit and says “it is all you Patrick, and not me, and I am Proud of you.”  She calls me her Jarred (from Subway) LOL.  I played college football for many years and the way coaches got the most out of me was with positive reinforcement and building me.  This is a key factor for the success of Misty and Pro Vitae. Currently I have lost 50 lbs.  I have been off my workout for about 2 weeks and yes she is calling me, it makes me smile because I know she cares.” – Patrick Dixson

“Having you (Pro Vitae) here has opened up my eyes to the possibilities of conquering the genetic predispositions that I have.  In one month, I have dropped 20 lbs, 9 inches, and my blood pressure has dropped over 20 points – back down to a healthy reading. (from 184/92 to 142/82).  My goal is to continue loosing…40 more lbs. With Misty’s help & guidance, I can see myself there! – Kanyon Hillaire

“Since October of last year, I am 43 pounds lighter and 40.5 inches smaller! I have much less pain in my joints, more stamina for working, and simply feel more healthy. Thank you, Pro Vitae, for providing these amazing machines!” – Olwyn Keating

“I felt immediate relief in my legs and back…I’ve suffered from a balance problem for years and discovered I do not have that problem after “vibration.” I waited a few months and had my yearly bone density scan. I was told I now have the spine of a 20-year-old and I will be 70 years old June 26!! I attribute my wonderful results to Pro Vitae. Thank you Misty and girls. Love you all.” – Penny Johnstone

“When I first came to Pro Vitae, I didn’t know what to expect. I lost 10 pounds during the first 2 months! But the real surprise was the health benefits I have found! I have pulmonary fibrosis and fibromyalgia. Before using the machines, I hurt from head to toe, 24/7 and became short of breath within a block of walking. I hadn’t slept well in 25 years, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without pulling on the handrail & I was taking 3 or 4 naps every day. Now I sleep like a baby – every night! I rarely nap anymore, my pain is almost completely gone, and my oxygen is so much better. I can walk 10 blocks without getting winded, and walk up a flight of stairs without even touching the hand rail. My Doctor cannot believe how strong my muscles are! Thank you, Pro Vitae, for this great blessing! I am SO encouraged by the direction my health is now taking!” – R. Brandon

“I feel I have benefited so much from using the machines. I like doing weights on them and try to find exercises that translate easily to doing on the platform. And many do. I never get bored like I do at the gym.  Quite frankly I haven’t felt this well in years. I’m excited about the future and how I can retrain my body to be fit again. It wouldn’t have been possible without Pro Vitae. Misty is a visionary and her studio is a place of healing on many different levels. I’m so grateful to be part of the Vibe Tribe.” – Jai Kasala

“I have spent my whole life working out in gyms and playing sports. In 1992 I ruptured a disk in my back. I tried to continue playing softball, but over the course of the next few years got to a place where I couldn’t play any more. I was taking a lot of pain pills and muscle relaxers just to function, I put on a lot of weight and was just getting by day to day.  When I found Misty at Pro Vitae, I tried the 3 Day Challenge. I could not believe the results! I slept better, my back & knee pain was less, I could move around better, and I lost A total of 6.5 inches! I was hooked! I’ve been coming back almost every day ever since, and that was over a year ago. The biggest success for me so far is not the weight loss or inches. It’s the fact that I no longer need meds to function on a daily basis any more. I can not thank Misty and her staff enough for giving me this blessing and a new look at life.” – Brian Butler

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