Written Testimonials

“TriOasis offers an ideal blend of alternative therapy approaches to serious and challenging conditions that so many people are facing now. I’ve worked with TriOasis and can endorse their whole Person approach to regenerative health with laser light, Hyperbaric oxygen and cannabinol by Elixinol. This individual or combined strategy may have the greatest potential for recovery and resilience. TriOasis does it right.” – Dr. Philip W. Blair

Success Story!
Jerry came to TriOasis’ “Community Style Acupuncture” for back issues. During intake, the struggle to lift his right shoulder was discovered. After 3 sessions he has regained nearly full freedom of motion. 

“I have residual nervous system damage from Chronic Lymes Disease. As a physician, I knew I needed extra oxygen, but I didn’t know how to do it until I found TriOasis. Their setup is professional and cost effective. The first visit was refreshing and removed my chronic fatigue all day. Each visit has had a cumulative effect, with the results lasting longer between sessions. I am thankful for TriOasis and the cost effective access they offer.” – Jason Bussanich

Kacy Borba“The Whole Body Vibration machine has helped increase my circulation to where after twice a day for 2 weeks, I no longer have cold hands and feet in the middle of winter. It has also helped me to feel more toned overall. I also appreciate Bruce of TriOasis in his open easy-going communication and manner and his willingness to let me lease a WBV machine for a month to use in my own home – super convenient, thank you Bruce.” — Dr. Kacy Borba, N.D.

“As background I am 68 years old and have had crohn’s disease all my life, including removal of my large intestine at age 20 and a total of 4 major abdominal surgeries, massive amounts of antibiotics, and other pharmaceutical drugs. Since 1989, I have devoted myself to holistic therapies only including Meditation, Yoga, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, and various Medical intuitive practitioners. I stumbled across HBOT at TriOasis in early November of 2016. At the time I had been struggling with low energy, abdominal pain, and disturbed sleep for nearly 2 years. From the first treatment, I noticed improved clarity of mind and more calm energy. I have continued to use HBOT 3 or 4 times a week since I began. All my symptoms have gone away, no pain and I sleep soundly. My energy level has also improved, and am very hopeful that it will continue to improve. The benefits of HBOT are many, but for me the most profound benefit has be my mental clarity, and my ability to see my own destructive mental patterns. This has helped me in all areas of my life including
my yoga and meditation practices, but most significantly in my personal relationships and my overall feeling of well being and ease.”  – Richard Haynes
About the Tour at TriOasis: “I will spread the good word about your terrific services! You made it fun and welcoming. I love to learn and help others too! Thanks for all the CBD info!  Another great tool for those that believe in it.” – Ruth Little

“Since college, health issues have controlled my life! It is simply wonderful how TriOasis has helped me take back so much of my life. My first session Whole Body Vibration I had to sit in a chair with my feet on the plate. My balance and strength were not strong enough to stand because of my Fibromyalgia. Early October, I started doing two sessions a week of LED Lights and WBV. By early December, I was able to park a mile from Lloyds Center, walk in, do several hours of shopping and walk out. In February I found I could easily walk up and down the stairs.” — Brinn Hemmingson

“The first thing my physician friend told me to do after my concussion was a series of sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. I wish I had listened and done it right away. After months of headaches, I met Bruce Huck and decided to take him up on the introductory offer at Trioasis. I believe that was the turning point in my healing journey. Sierra and Bruce were knowledgeable, welcoming and efficient and Trioasis is a great place with wonderful healing modalities.” – Diane Bays

“One day my sinuses were acting up horribly and I turned to Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. After my first session I was feeling more clear-headed and no longer miserable. Following my second session a week later, I had an even greater feeling of well-being!” — Dr. Allen Knecht, Namaste Integrated Health

“I began using the LED lights to reduce sinus congestion. After my first two sessions, I noticed less stuffiness and sinus pressure. Now ten sessions later, my sinuses feel clear and my runny nose is gone, even on rainy days!” — Dr. Cosmo Salibello Doctor of Optometry for 29 years

“My feet were always stone cold. After five sessions with Whole Body Vibration and LED lights, my feet have new life. I can feel both therapies and adding the Air Foot Massager is incredible. I am going to buy one for home and do it every day!” — Jeffrey Miksik, Roofer

“After 14 days on CBD oil I have been noticing some changes. I am sleeping more soundly and for a longer time. I normally average six to seven hours a night. But in the last week, I have slept ten full hours on two occasions. The quality of that sleep has felt very restorative. The other positive result has been an overall feeling of calm. Since I have been living with PTSD for virtually all of my life, I don’t have a “before” to gauge against, but what I’ve noticed is this…. On two separate nights when I neglected to take the CBD oil in a timely manner, I have felt a familiar heightened level of anxiety. I had not realized that it had been diminished until it came back. An hour or so after taking another dose of the CBD oil, I realized that the anxiety had disappeared again. That jittery feeling I normally live with was gone. I look forward to continuing and seeing how I feel moving forward, esp. when facing stressful situations. Thank you for the opportunity to give this a try!” – J. S., Lakewood, Colorado

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