Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (MHOT)

“After having over a decade of back pain and muscle dysfunction from a traumatic back injury, I tried Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (MHOT). I was shocked by the pain relief it provided and how long this lasted after each treatment.  The cumulative benefits have been numerous and opened my eyes to the wide body of research about the benefits of MHOT.  I am happy that Trioasis is able to provide this treatment along with other medically beneficial treatments that are less readily available.” – Dr. Emily Ganaway

Wellness Center MHBOT Chamber


MHOT is a sure-fire investment for a “Healthier Tomorrow!”  Whether you are simply boosting your good health with bi-weekly sessions. Whether your Last Doctors visit ended with “We can double your Vicodin prescription, operate in a few years and you will just have to learn to live with it.”
Your ROI is the best you will ever achieve!


Oxygen is the healer of the body.  Simply science, “A gas under pressure is more greatly diffused.”  Before pressure we breathe oxygen in the chamber at 19 – 23 %. It will support normal activity of an active auto immune system. Wearing a mask device, connected to an oxygenator we can breathe oxygen at 100%.  Once the chamber is pressurized, we can absorb the higher concentration through our lungs into the plasma. Creating an Oxygen Armada that sails freely through our circulation system. Stimulating areas of trauma as needed.


Truly the magic is in the delivery of oxygen by the plasma.  As a liquid, the plasma will not be denied to areas that are aged, stressed, or crushed.  New capillaries can be created when needed that will deliver the oxygen. Once the delivery of the oxygen begins, the re-charging begins. Re-setting the ability of the tissue, organ, or wound to it’s optimal functioning ability.


MHOT is not a morphine application. It is re-charging and re-setting a natural process; one that will be able to re-solve chronic and acute issues! There is no set formula for how many sessions it takes to generate sustainable changes. On average, chronic/acute challenges will begin to sustain changes around the 20th session.  Time is always the crucial investment for services to have an optimal effect at TriOasis. Frequency of sessions is important as well. Maintaining existing good health, a 60-90 minute session every other week or once a month is likely to be very beneficial. Chronic and acute issues require thirty to fourty 60-90 minute sessions. Weekly sessions can be twice a day with an interval of four hours.  The body will tell you about the benefits as they develop. Expectations are to feel small differences early, such as better energy and clearer thinking. As these small changes last longer the chronic and acute issues will begin to act differently.

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