Our Rental Program –  Turning Commuting Time Into Therapy Time!


“My feet were always stone cold. After five sessions with Whole Body Vibration and LED lights, my feet have new life. I can feel both therapies and adding the Air Foot Massager is incredible. I am going to buy one for home and do it every day!” — Jeffrey Miksik, Roofer

rental program
  • Whole Body Vibration (WBV) — Monthly
  • LED Light Therapy (LED) — Bi-Weekly
  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) — Weekly
  • Air Foot Massage (AFM) — Bi-Weekly  

Not everyone can easily commute to TriOasis-PDX for their preferred Protocol.   The TriOasis-PDX rental program turns this negative into a positive. Increasing the ROI, you are making in your health. By transferring commute time into daily therapy time.   Daily multiple applications have shown to produce the best results.

For a full list of our rental and product pricing, please click HERE!

How does the TriOasis Rental Program Work?
– Clients place their card on file.
– Charges are automatic depending on the Protocol that is rented.

Can a rental become a purchase?
– Absolutely, after 60 days.
– The payments are adjusted so the purchase is part of the monthly rental.
– Often the purchase is for the whole amount on the 61st day.

How does the TriOasis Purchase Program work?
– Every Protocol that is part of TriOasis-PDX rental program is for sale. the TriOasis-PDX  is for sale as well.

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