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As a child, I worked in my family’s senior living centers. First hand I saw our residents become too dependent, through Medicare, on pharmaceuticals. At the age of 10, I began to question the effectiveness of the AMA’s policy of treating symptoms rather than causes of disease.

At 50, I was diagnosed as pre­-diabetic and began looking for simple, scientific, effective, drug-free means of controlling my blood sugars, diabetes complications, and pain. After I learned how to manage my own diabetes and pain, I began to mentor others, first as a Certified Health Coach and then by becoming a Diabetes Advocate.

Over the years I fine­ tuned my approach. Since 2003, I’ve been working full-time to help clients improve their health through lifestyle adjustments and quality nutrition.

When I opened TriOasis Portland, on July 2015 it was the fulfillment of a decade ­long dream to provide a one-­stop center to reduce the suffering from prolonged Healing, Chronic / Acute Pain, and Preexisting health issues.

At TriOasis, you can learn to Re-Define Living Normally. Allowing you to live stronger and younger for longer with a customized combination of the seven modalities described on this website. Frequently the best results are found with some combination of three modalities.

Since my quadruple bypass (5/03/2016) surgery, I’ve given particular attention to helping you prepare for and recover from major surgery. I was able to leave the hospital only 4 days after surgery, and I surprised my medical team with my quick recovery using easy exercise and the non-invasive technologies available here at TriOasis.

If you’d like more information about my surgery recovery, CLICK HERE for a chapter from my upcoming book about the experience. If you’re facing the prospect of major surgery, whether soon or further into the future, call me to discuss how I can help.

Shortly after my surgery, TriOasis added Hemp Oil (CBD) products. Our clients have experienced great success with CBD’s, reducing Chronic/Acute Pain and many unsolvable health issues, such as: Arthritis, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Juvenile Epilepsy, and Tremors. We can mail this relief to all 50 states. TriOasis is just one call away.


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