Bruce Huck

In 1963, as an 8 year old, my family became pioneers in senior care living. By age 10, I began to question the effectiveness of the AMA’s policy of treating symptoms rather than regulating the causes of disease. A lot has changed since 1965. Today TriOasis-CBD has proven therapies that can change lives’ of so many.

TriOasis-CBD GOAL is regulating YOUR system issues.

Not just servicing YOUR symptoms!

19 years ago, at age 50, I was diagnosed as pre­-diabetic and began looking for simple, scientific, effective, drug-free means of controlling:

  • My Blood Sugars
  • Diabetes Complications
  • Pain

As I learned to manage my blood sugars, diabetes complications and pain, I began to mentor others, as a Certified Health Coach.

Today I realize that coronavirus is creating a huge population of Long Haul challenges exactly like Diabetes has done for years!

Through the years TriOasis-CBD has developed CBD / Stem Cell / Kratom therapies that can resolve Coronavirus Long Haul Challenges of:

* Sleep   *Stress   *Anxiety   *PAIN

Let me ask you a SIMPLE question. I won’t lie to you; it’s not going to be easy!  But I can say, it’s possible now more then ever!

Are you ready to take control of your life?

TriOasis-CBD proven therapies / products can do more than just manage:

*Insomnia   *Neuropathy   *PTSD   *Migraines

TriOasis-CBD consulting / products are available nation wide.

Promoting the possibilities for so many to Live the Lifestyle they prefer!


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