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Why Are Stem Cells Important?

The New England Journal of Medicine has stated that the #1 indicator of wellness is directly correlated to the number of adult stem cells in the blood stream.

Stem cells are cells with the potential to develop into any kind of cell needed. They have the incredible ability to heal and repair any organ or tissue. While our need for adult stem cells increases dramatically as we age, fewer and fewer of them are released into the blood stream.

“After using them for one week, I have improved energy, better sleep, and an amazing sensation of serenity and mental clarity.” – Rocco Pelle

How LIFEWAVE X39™ Patches Work

The patches contain an organically based nanocrystal mixture, which absorbs and traps body heat (wideband infrared emissions) and reflects a specific part of the spectrum back to the skin.

This increases production of the peptide GHK-Cu (glycyl-L- histidyl-L-lysine-copper), which turns on (activates) more stem cells. These activated stem cells migrate from the skin and change into other types of cells to support the natural process of organ repair and regeneration.

It has been established that GHKCu is capable of up and downregulating at least 4,000 genes in the human genome, essentially resetting and repairing DNA back to a healthier state. GHK-Cu stimulates blood vessels and nerve outgrowth, and increases collagen and elastin, for visible anti-aging. It has also been found to have multiple anti-inflammatory actions, to suppress molecules thought to accelerate the disease of cellular aging such as NFkB, as well as having antianxiety, anti-pain and anti-aggression properties.

  • A teenager has approximately 1,000,000,000 circulating/activated adult stem cells.
  • By age 30 this number has dropped to 400 million (a 60% reduction)
  • By age 50 this number has dropped to 250 million (a 75% reduction)
  • By age 60 this number has dropped to 100 million (a 90% reduction)
  • By age 80 this number has dropped to 50 million (a 95% reduction)
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