At TriOasis, as we guide people through the RE-Defining Living Normally process all to often a simple gut cleanse is the logical starting point. Sadly, there are not to many effective and simple cleansing programs for the gut. Measure this, cut up that, do not eat for hours, etc. is the complicated norm. The chemical Free Body movement provides an effective simple gut cleansing program. Sixty seconds a day. A few tablets a day. 30 days at a time. Three or four times a year. An effective easy natural product program that can regenerate the gut to function at its optimal ability. 

Then replacing one or two snacks a day with a scoop of powder greens and SeaCret Direct protein shake you have made available all the nutrients and minerals that are lacking in the soil and are lacking in our foods. Even organic foods are lacking the nutrients and minerals as well. Finding Tim James and the Chemical Free Body movement was the culmination of a 5 year search for Trioasis-PDX. A search for an effective simple gut cleanse.

  • Sixty seconds a day.
  • A few tablets a day.
  • 30 days at a time.
  • Three or four times a year.

An effective easy natural program that can enhance the gut’s innate ability to repair / regenerate itself to function at its optimal ability.
Making it possible for the body’s much needed nutrients and minerals to be absorbed and used.
Reducing the systematic inflammation that is the foundation for so many of our health challenges.
Setting the stage to live YOUNGER – STRONGER – LONGER!


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“I have had extremely good luck taking this cleanse product. I have more energy and feel so much better. I would endorse these supplements any time and would not consider stopping them. It is gentle on the system and easy to take. It will be part of my health program well into the future.  Thank you!”
 John Mayer, Mortgage Professional in Happy Valley, OR


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