Flipping the Addiction Switch from ON to OFF! $15

January 16, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
TriOasis Health & Wellness Center
5520 SW Macadam Ave #150
Portland, OR 97239

“Flipping the Addiction Switch, from ON – 2 – OFF!”

Call or Email to qualify for our 30 day Outpatient Program.

Are you suffering Insomnia, Anxiety, Gut Issues. Has the Western Medicine approach to Dependency Detoxing failed you with your recovery from Opioids, Alcohol,  PTSD Triggers, Cocaine? Learn more about the important benefits of using CBD (Cannabidiol) products.  We carry a variety of different products including: oils, balms, and capsules!

TriOasis was founded to help with daily chronic or acute complications with one’s health, aging, and nutritional deficiencies. Today our new number one focus is HOW to reduce Opioids, Alcohol, PTSD Triggers, Cocaine dependencies.

“Flipping their Addiction Switch, from ON – 2 – OFF!

A 30 day Outpatient Alternative for detoxing without:

– Insurance Companies

– Pharmageden  

– Group Therapy


TriOasis-PDX has created a unique 30-day:

BOUTIQUE Outpatient Program4 Turning OFF Addictions 2

      – OPIOIDS 

     –  COCAINE 


     –  ALCOHOL

Using combinations of our services & our referral team members. To provide a successful customized detoxing experience for:


                  A loved one 

                    A Cherished enemy


  A one to one approach for reigniting,

Their ability to “RESIST, Addictive Habits!

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