Air Foot Massage

It’s the best massager on the market!!! It’s a must have if you are in your feet all day….treat yourself and don’t settle for another brand. – Gina Howard

We selected the Cozzia’s amazing foot massager because of the air bags that hold the clients foot in position for the massage rollers that stimulate your soles, toes and heels. There could be better stimulation in the arches. Each 15 minute session helps you relax and refresh the joints and muscles in your feet. You can choose from two massage programs and two levels of air pressure, as well as an optional heating function that adds gentle warmth for even more comfort.

The deep-kneading rollers help to relieve tightness and stimulate reflexology zones of the feet. Air compression massage from the top squeezes away tension and helps make your feet feel renewed. You can remove the fabric surrounding the feet for easy cleaning and the compact design takes up very little room which makes it easy to transport and store. There is no assembly necessary which means it is ready to use right out of the box!

Air Foot Massage 1
Air Foot Massage 3
Air Foot Massage 2


  • Massages 3 critical areas of soles from toes, feet to heels
  • 2 intelligent massage programs cater different preferences
  • 2 levels of air pressure
  • Relieves fatigue and encourages relaxation
  • Improves blood circulation by massaging foot reflexology zone
  • Relieves tension and reduces stress
  • Strengthens immune system

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Sometimes I think this can be a bit strong to the point it hurts, but for the most part the massages it provides to your feet are exceptional. My wife and I both enjoy using this once a day after work or maybe just before bed. To be clear, my wife does not experience any such issues with the personal auto-masseuse’s strength. So it could simply be due to my wider feet (I do wear a Size 11, 4E shoe). – Admiral Pon

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