Wellness Center Vibration Machines

Whole Body Vibration

There are two very important benefits with vibration therapy and exercising with the Wave Motion Platform. First there is NO Additional strain on sensitive joints. Second there is NO Additional strain on sensitive ligaments.


CBD Products

Suffer from Anxiety or PTSD? Learn more about the important benefits of using CBD (Cannabidiol) products.  We carry a variety of different products including: oils, balms, and capsules!


Everyone wants to improve their sense of health and well­being, but without the proper guidance, these efforts too often fall short. TriOasis was established to guide our clients to a healthier tomorrow, by promoting our private-label CBDs, whole body Vibration,  and verified holistic protocols. Protocols that can Re-Charge and Regulate the body’s auto-immune systems.  Then, once the body has it’s optimal healing abilities restored, it can Regulate and Re-Solve so many “Health Hangovers”!

  • If you’re looking for a different approach in support of your overall physical and mental health…
  • If you’re suffering from lack of sleep, anxiety, PTSD, nagging pain, migraine headaches, or unresolved health issues…
  • If you’re motivated to invest your time in improving you’re energy level or physical well being…

TriOasis has proven plant based protocols that can help you live your most fulfilling energetic life. Your largest investment is your time, not money.

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Lets find out how much better could every day be if yourself, a loved one, or even a cherished Enemy got out of bed without that “Health Hangover.”

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