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As a child, I worked in my family’s senior living centers. With the creation of Medicare, I saw our residents become too dependent on pharmaceuticals. I began to question the effectiveness of the AMA’s policy of treating symptoms rather than causes of disease.

I was diagnosed as pre­-diabetic in my mid­-fifties and began looking simple, scientific, effective, and drug-free means of controlling diabetes, diabetes complications, and pain. After I learned how to manage my own diabetes and pain, I began to mentor others, first as a Certified Health Coach and then by becoming a diabetes advocate.

Over the years I fine­ tuned my methods. Since 2003, I’ve been working full-time to help clients improve their health through lifestyle adjustments and quality nutrition.

When I opened TriOasis, Portland, in July 2015 it was the fulfillment of a decade ­long dream to provide a one-­stop center to help you with your healing, pain, and other health issues.

At TriOasis, you can learn to manager your blood sugar, avoid and relieve blood sugar, and eliminate chronic pain. You can also control your weight, recover from surgery, and enhance your sports performance.

Since my quadruple bypass heart surgery, I’ve given particular attention to helping you prepare for and recover from major surgery. I was able to leave the hospital only [three] days after surgery, and I surprised my care-givers by my quick recovery using easy exercise and non-invasive technologies available here at TriOasis.

If you’d like more information about my surgery recovery, CLICK HERE for a chapter from my upcoming book about the experience. If you’re facing the prospect of major surgery, whether soon or further into the future, call me to discuss how I can help.

Before moving to Portland, I served six years as President of the Auburn Education Foundation in his California. I continue to work as a fund-raising and project consultant for nonprofits in Portland and across the country.

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